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This is the cycle of a fall.... you break up let go.. you move on and you start all over again..." How do you survive a broken heart???? it is simply living one painful day at a time.."(got this from a movie.)o di ba? kakaiyak? and it's true .. it can not happen overnight-there's no such thing as overnight healing. Letting go and moving on are the most difficult part for it is the time that you just have to accept the fact that people do FALL OUT of love. It is true that some good things never lasts..... they seldom do Cry when you feel like crying..*singhot* with your most trusted friends for they are the ones who could comfort you best...pour your heart out ...and open your mind. A good cry cleanses the cry with all your might and eventually the pain will lessen. Letting go doesn't mean forgetting the person you used to love...Who could ever forget someone who had become a part of your life?????No one can blame you for hoping and wishing that somehow you are still together, for holding on to all the promises and one can blame you for reminiscing the times that you one can blame you for realizing that you had loved and lost .. letting go simply means coming into terms with yourself that .. it is futile to fight the way or another it was meant to be. Move your life the way it's supposed to be....get into something hobbies .. new experiences ....just explore the world. And always bear in mind that....someone is looking for you the same way you are looking for him/her.Someone more deserving is out there waiting for you....who'll give you the world...who'll treat you right....who'll make you the happiest person on earth....someone you get to keep Forever.
O tama na ang tamang senti..... whew!