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LAB SAKS NAT.... (samtayms)

Ehehe! Lab is saks! Lab is saks! Bakit nga ba "LAB IS SAKS?" *isip*... *isip pa* di ko alam.... basta ang alam ko , pag pinag-uusapan ang lab, ang lagi kong sagot "lab is saks", akala tuloy nila manhater ako--- *ngeks* di ako manhater.. me hate man ako, ilan-ilan lang(.. kasama na si erap dun)..... nyehahaha!! Lab is paysient, lab is kaynd... korek.. sabi nga ng iba "Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world." I do agree,cause when you are in love all things are beautiful..... makulay ang mundo mo .. (reminder: to have this result ,kailangang MUTUAL, ok?!! nagmamahal at minamahal..and do follow instructions pls!!!) Facing problems are easy cause you know that you are not alone. Love can give you the strength and courage to live life everyday. =)~~~ It really is nice to love.. Ooops, before you get me wrong it does necessarily have to beLOVE for the opposite sex.. it can be love for your parents, friends, pets.. etc. etc. and nota bene: love does not include lust and physical attraction ( bonus lang yan and applies only to certain cases). Love is simply caring(..everything else will follow.) =)~ So with all these things in mind...i realized love sucks not (..sometimes..) Yey! Yey! Yey! PS: Just like to say "hi" to all my fans.. (nyehahahahha! *kapaL*